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Journal Article

Ayrilmis, Nadir; Benthien, Jan T.; Thömen, Heiko; White, Robert H. (2011). Properties of flat-pressed wood plastic composites containing fire retardants Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 122(5), pp. 3201-3210. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd 10.1002/app.34346

Baier, Norman Urs; Costan Zovi, Joel (2022). Flexible Robot Programming using Solid Edge’s “Alternative Assemblies” Athens Journal of Technology and Engineering, 9(1), pp. 9-24. Athens Institute for Education and Research 10.30958/ajte.9-1-1

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Khojasteh-Khosro, Saeed; Shalbafan, Ali; Thömen, Heiko (2020). Preferences of furniture manufacturers for using lightweight wood-based panels as eco-friendly products European Journal of Wood and Wood Products, 78(3), pp. 593-603. Springer 10.1007/s00107-020-01519-8

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Rautkari, Lauri; Properzi, Milena; Pichelin, Frédéric; Hughes, Mark (2010). Properties and set-recovery of surface densified Norway spruce and European beech Wood Science and Technology, 44(4), pp. 679-691. Springer Nature 10.1007/s00226-009-0291-0

Wieland, S.; Shi, Bozhang; Pizzi, A.; Properzi, M.; Stampanoni, M.; Abela, R.; Lu, Xiaoning; Pichelin, Frédéric (2005). Vibration welding of wood: X-ray tomography, additives, radical concentration Forest Products Journal, 55(1), pp. 84-87. Forest Products Society

Newspaper or Magazine Article

Baumann, Rolf (26 February 2020). Die Werkstatt der Zukunft BFH-Zentrum Holz – Ressource und Werkstoff

Baumann, Rolf (14 March 2020). Informatisation, automatisation… que pourrait être l’atelier du futur? Le Bois International(10), pp. 12-13.

Baumann, Rolf (July 2020). Datenaustausch im Produktionsnetzwerk Wir Holzbauer(05), pp. 24-25. Holzbau Schweiz

Baumann, Rolf (9 April 2020). Intelligenz aus der Wolke SchreinerZeitung(15), pp. 16-18. Verband Schweizerischer Schreinermeister und Moebelfabrikanten

Baumann, Rolf (February 2020). L'atelier du futur L'Industriel du bois(2), pp. 34-35. FRECEM

Baumann, Rolf (July 2020). Échange de données au sein du réseau de production L'Industriel du bois(7), pp. 36-37. FRECEM

Ganne-Chédeville, Christelle (2017). Woodenboxspring - sommeil en harmonie avec la nature spirit biel/bienne, 1, pp. 8-9. BFH

Ganne-Chédeville, Christelle (2019). Observer et imiter la nature spirit biel/bienne, 2, p. 19. BFH

Gonin, Marc-André; Flühmann, Christoph Marco (September 2020). Zukünftige Geschäftsmodelle Wir Holzbauer(6), pp. 24-25. Holzbau Schweiz

Thömen, Heiko (2017). Légèreté pour le mobilier spirit biel/bienne, 1, pp. 24-25. BFH

Weber, Regina (9 April 2020). Daten, Daten, Daten BFH-Zentrum Holz – Ressource und Werkstoff

Weber, Regina (18 May 2020). KI - Reizwort oder Wunderwaffe BFH-Zentrum Holz – Ressource und Werkstoff

Weber, Regina (22 October 2020). Daten schlau genutzt SchreinerZeitung(43), pp. 16-17. Verband Schweizerischer Schreinermeister und Moebelfabrikanten

Weber, Regina (April 2020). Des données, des données, des données L'Industriel du bois(4), pp. 20-21. FRECEM

Weber, Regina; Aigner, Nikita; Eigenheer, Andreas (28 January 2021). Die Automatisierung der Kopfarbeit SchreinerZeitung(5), pp. 16-17.

Book Section

Dobrusskin, Sebastian (2003). Printing for Infinity In: 2003 International Conference on Digital Production Printing and Industrial Applications 2 (pp. 139-140). Barcelona: The Society for Imaging Science and Technology

Niemz, Peter; Sandberg, Dick (2019). Wood modification in Switzerland In: Jones, Dennis; Sandberg, Dick; Goli, Giacomo; Todaro, Luigi (eds.) Wood Modification in Europe - a state-of-the-art about processes, products and applications (pp. 103-104). Florence, Italy: Firenze University Press

Noël, Marion; Fredon, Emmanuel; Mougel, Eric (2011). Biopolymer as reinforcement into natural matrices: a new route to bio-composite materials In: Attaf, B. (ed.) Advances in Composite Materials - Ecodesign and Analysis (pp. 87-102). Rijeka, Croatia: InTech 10.5772/15034

Conference or Workshop Item

Franke, Tom; Volkmer, Thomas (2019). Mineralization of European oak with various ionic salt solutions to achieve an in situ precipitation of calcium oxalate In: IRG50 Scientific Conference on Wood Protection. Proceedings IRG Annual Meeting (pp. 1-12). Stockholm, Sweden: The International Research Group on Wood Protection IRG/WP

Huwiler, Ursin; Rehm, Klaus (2018). Real-time control of powder coating In: PRA's 11th International Woodcoatings Congress. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 23.-24.10.2018.

Mund, Axel; Munier, Leo Felix; Franke, Tom; Herold, Nadine; Pfriem, Alexander (September 2019). Investigating the shape stability of moulded phenol-formaldehyde modified beech veneers by means of digital image correlation In: 21st International Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Wood Symposium (pp. 18-24). Madison, WI: USDA Forest Products Laboratory

Pizzi, Antonio; Properzi, Milena; Pichelin, Frédéric (2005). Wood bonding by vibrational and rotational friction welding In: Conference Wood Adhesives. San Diego, USA. 2005.

Placencia, Maria Inés; Pizzi, Antonio; Pichelin, Frédéric (June 2011). Linear friction welding for wood, a parameters study for up-scaled assemblies In: CIMAD 11 – 1º Congresso Ibero-LatinoAmericano da Madeira na Construção. Coimbra, Portugal. 7-9 Jun 2011.

Rehm, Christiane; Bachmann, Eduard; Sitzmann, Stefan (2014). Fensterwerkzeuge – Dünne Schicht, grosse Wirkung In: 16. Holztechnologisches Kolloquium. Dresden, Germany. 03.-04.04.2014.

Rehm, Christiane; Sukumaran, S. P.; Kisselbach, A.; Scholz, F. (2017). Investigation of machinability of klein dried oil palm wood with regard to production of solid wood products In: 23rd International Wood Machining Seminar. Warsaw, Poland. 28.-31.05.2017.

Rehm, Klaus; Letsch, Bernhard; Kalt, Raphael; Emmenegger, Florian (2014). Beschichtungsprozesse im Vergleich - Prozessbetrachtung und Kostenvergleich In: 1. MDF Pulversymposium 2014. Markdorf, Germany. 26.-27.11.2014.

Rhême, Martin; Rehm, Klaus; Letsch, Bernhard; Oesch, Christof; McGeehan, Benjamin; Schindler, Liliane (2009). Influence of selected substrate characteristics on the powder coating of wood and timber materials In: Fischer, Kurt (ed.) Decor Surfaces Conference (pp. 161-168). Technical Conference Management

Ribeaud, Thomas; Zhang Sprenger, Congyu (6 September 2022). Behavior Trees based Flexible Task Planner Built on ROS2 Framework In: 2022 IEEE 27th International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA). Stuttgart. 6. - 9. September 2022. 10.1109/ETFA52439.2022.9921683

Schär, M.; Mayer, Ingo; Noël, Marion; von Arx, Urs; Felder, R.; Selbmann, K.-H. (September 2013). UV LED curing of clear varnish Advances in Printing and Media Technology, XL, pp. 139-146. Darmstadt, Germany: International association of research organizations for the information, Media and graphic arts industries

Tschannen, Christof; Thömen, Heiko (July 2020). Development of a concept for electrically conductive furniture panels In: Society of Wood Science and Technology International Convention (pp. 242-252). Society of wood science and technology

Wieland, Stefanie; Properzi, Milena; Pichelin, Frédéric; Gfeller, Balz (2005). Einsatz des linearen Vibrationsschweissens in der Holzindustrie In: Frauenhofer WKI Workshop: Klebstoffe für Holzprodukte. Braunschweig, Germany. 10-11 Nov 2005.

Zhang Sprenger, Congyu; Ribeaud, Thomas (11 December 2022). Robotic Process Automation with Ontology-enabled Skill-based Robot Task Model and Notation (RTMN) In: 2nd IEEE International Conference on Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence (RAAI 2022). Singapur. Dec 9, 2022 - Dec 11, 2022.

von Steiger, Adrian (6 February 2020). To Play vs. To Display – Towards Guidelines for Brass Instruments In: Playing and operating : functionality in museum objects and instruments. Paris. 4.–6. Februar 2020.

Doctoral Thesis

Clerc, Gaspard (2020). Analysis of the fatigue performance of adhesively bonded wood joints (Dissertation, Technische Universität München, Fakultät für Bau Geo und Umwelt)

Mayer, Ingo (2007). Biologische und chemische Untersuchungen über Holzinhaltsstoffe und deren Reaktionsmechanismen bei der wärmetechnischen Behandlung und Wasseraufbereitung in der Furnierindustrie (Dissertation, Universität Hamburg)


Tonnellerie Taransaud (2010). Wood barrel, production method thereof and machine for implementing same (EP2200793 (A1))

OPAL CRÉATIONS SA (2019). Wood treatment method (WO2019012403 (A1))

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