Das SurveNIR-System zur Bewertung des Zustands und des Alterungsverhaltens von Papier

Lichtblau, Dirk; Dobrusskin, Sebastian; Blüher, Agnes (2009). Das SurveNIR-System zur Bewertung des Zustands und des Alterungsverhaltens von Papier Bern: Eigenverlag

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The SurveNIR system is able to determine and to rate the condition of paper in collections in a scientific manner regarding it degree of degradation and hazard.1,2,3 The SurveNIR system is based on statistical evaluation of near infrared spectra. SurveNIR is a mobile system which can operate in the repository without moving the object to another location or environment. SurveNIR is very fast and above all non-invasive; measurements can be repeated on the same spot. No colour marks, water stain or damages like with usual techniques will remain. Main components of SurveNIR are the NIR-spectrometer, a computer and the user friendly software with a lot of functions to execute an efficient survey. Accessories like foot step trigger and live video of the measurement spot complete the system. The system is specially designed to guarantee maximum object safeness. Short-term preservation needs as well as long-term strategies can be defined on the base of the SurveNIR paper identification tool and due to relevant chemical-physical parameters like acidity (pH), degree of polymerisation, tensile strength, lignin content and presence of optical brighteners. Besides determinations of parameters are data base, rating and reporting elements included. SurveNIR is using the individuality of each paper, which is represented within the NIR-spectra. Based on the correlation of reference data from 1400 paper all around Europe with their NIR-spectra, SurveNIR is able to extract data from a wide range of typically historical and modern papers in libraries and archives over a range of more then 200 years. SurveNIR was also developed within an EU 6th framework program and is market by company Lichtblau e.K. To become acquainted with the implementation range of the SurveNIR system, different items were measured like originals from the Swiss National Library, historical test papers, new model papers as well as different special cases. 175 measurements on 86 items were carried out within several workshops. The interests of the Swiss National Library are based on the pre-selection of items for mass deacidification, especially to define items which are already too brittle to deacidify them. The application area of SurveNIR for the National Library can be summarized as followed: – Paper deacidification general collection: Selection of books with journal shelf marks and a high content of brittle paper – Paper deacidification of Swiss Literature Archive: Selection of paper which needs a treatment and combined with it: – Evaluation of the condition of the Prints and Drawings Department – Material testing: supporting and / or fast characterization of new materials which are used at the National Library for preservation and conservation purposes. With the results of this report could be demonstrated, that the system can be widely used. The different paper could be sorted into different degradation states as proposed. The obtained data represent the preservation need for the measured objects. The use in the repository of the national library is feasible. In conclusion, the system can be used for the pre-selection prior mass deacidification. For brittle or extreme brittle paper was found that they are recognize in a worse state then data from the National library has shown. The most probably reason is because the reference database wasn’t optimized for this specific application until now. Optimization can be done with a better database and a software improvement. National Library and Lichtblau e.K. considered that to cooperate is interesting for both. The department of conservation has recommended the purchase of the SurveNIR system for the Swiss National Library, since without it a professional procedure wouldn’t be possible.

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