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Journal Article

Grosse, Charlotte; Noël, Marion; Thévenon, Marie-France; Gérardin, Philippe (2019). Improvement of Modified Wood Properties with Addition of Chestnut Tannins in Lactic Acid-Based Treatments Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology, 39(2), pp. 124-135. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/02773813.2018.1513035

Grosse, Charlotte; Noël, Marion; Thévenon, Marie-France; Rautkari, Lauri; Gérardin, Philippe (2017). Influence of Water and Humidity on Wood Modification with Lactic Acid Journal of Renewable Materials, 6(3), pp. 259-269. Scrivener Publishing

Volkmer, Thomas; Noël, Marion; Arnold, M.; Strautmann, J. (2016). Analysis of lignin degradation on wood surfaces to create a UV-protecting cellulose rich layer. International Wood Products Journal, 7(3), pp. 156-164. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/20426445.2016.1200826

Noël, Marion; Grigsby, Warren J.; Volkmer, Thomas (2015). Evaluating The Extent of Bio-Polyester Polymerization in Solid Wood by Thermogravimetric Analysis Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology, 35(5), pp. 325-336. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/02773813.2014.962154

Noël, Marion; Grigsby, Warren; Volkmer, Thomas (2014). Investigating the Viscoelastic Properties and Mechanical Performance of Wood Modifi ed by Biopolyester Treatments. Journal of Renewable Materials, 2(4), pp. 291-305. Scrivener Publishing 10.7569/JRM.2014.634118

Baumann, J. M.; Affolter, B.; von Arx, U.; Noël, Marion (2013). Alteration of urinary macromolecules by adsorption on surfaces, probably an important factor in urolithiasis Urolithiasis, 41(6), pp. 467-474. Springer Verlag 10.1007/s00240-013-0604-5

Volkmer, Thomas; Arietano, L.; Plummer, C.; Strautmann, J.; Noël, Marion (2013). Loss of tensile strength in cellulose tissue on the surface of spruce (Picea abies) caused by natural photodegradation and delignification Polymer Degradation and Stability, 98(6), pp. 1118-1125. Elsevier 10.1016/j.polymdegradstab.2013.03.019

Newspaper or Magazine Article

Noël, Marion (2018). Des pistes vertes pour protéger le bois spirit biel/bienne, 3, pp. 14-15. BFH

Noël, Marion; Grigsby, W.; Vitkeviciute, I.; Volkmer, Thomas (2015). Modifying wood with bio-polyesters: analysis and performance International Wood Products Journal, 6(1), pp. 14-20. Taylor & Francis 10.1179/2042645314Y.0000000086

Book Section

Noël, Marion; Fredon, Emmanuel; Mougel, Eric (2011). Biopolymer as reinforcement into natural matrices: a new route to bio-composite materials In: Attaf, B. (ed.) Advances in Composite Materials - Ecodesign and Analysis (pp. 87-102). Rijeka, Croatia: InTech 10.5772/15034

Conference or Workshop Item

Nedelkoska, Elena; Pichelin, Frédéric; Volkmer, Thomas; Noël, Marion; Canoine, Benoît (2019). Properties of selected wood coatings applied on THM- densified Norway spruce (Picea abies K.) In: 4th International Scientific conference WOOD TECHNOLOGY & PRODUCT DESIGN. Ohrid, North Macedonia. 4 -7 September 2019.

Grosse, C.; Noël, Marion; Thevenon, M.; Gérardin, P. (2018). FTIR-ATR monitoring of chemical changes of thermo-chemically modified beech wood degraded by brown-rot fungus In: IRG49 - International Research Group on Wood Protection. Johannesburg, South Africa. 29.04-03.05.2018.

Grosse, Charlotte; Spear, Morwenna; Curling, Simon F.; Noël, Marion; Rautkari, Lauri; Uimonen, Tuuli; Gérardin, Philippe (2018). Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis of wood modified with bio- polyesters In: 9th European Conference on Wood Modification. Arnhem, The Netherlands. 17.-18.09.2018.

Noël, Marion; Grosse, Charlotte; Burud, I.; Gérardin, Philippe (2018). Biopolyesters for wood modification : technical validation towards implementation In: 9th European Conference on Wood Modification. Arnhem, The Netherlands. 17.-18.09.2018.

Grosse, Charlotte; Noël, Marion; Rautkari, Lauri; Gerardin, Philippe (2017). Influence of hygro-thermal treatment temperature and duration on dimensional stabilisation of wood modified with poly (butylene succinate) In: Scientific Conference on Wood Protection. Ghent, Belgium. 04.-08.06.2017.

Grosse, Charlotte; Thévenon, Marie France; Noël, Marion; Gerardin, Philippe (2016). Optimising wood chemical modification with lactic acid oligomers by screening of processing conditions and chemical additives In: 47th IRG Annual Meeting. Lisbon, Portugal. 15.-19.05.2016.

Strautmann, Jean; Noël, Marion; Volkmer, Thomas (October 2013). Surface qualification of weathered wood In: Joint COST FP0904 & FP1006 International Proceeding of the Workshop on characterization of modified wood in relation to wood bonding and coating performance. Rogla, Slovenia. 16-18 Oct 2013.

Schär, M.; Mayer, Ingo; Noël, Marion; von Arx, Urs; Felder, R.; Selbmann, K.-H. (September 2013). UV LED curing of clear varnish Advances in Printing and Media Technology, XL, pp. 139-146. Darmstadt, Germany: International association of research organizations for the information, Media and graphic arts industries

Doctoral Thesis

Noël, Marion (2007). Innovative lactic acid biopolymer / wood based composite material elaboration (Dissertation, Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy I)

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