SUBOTRON online arcademy, DACH Game History: Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Pfister, Eugen; Fritsch, Melanie; Rochat, Yannick; Winnerling, Tobias (30 April 2021). SUBOTRON online arcademy, DACH Game History: Preservation of Cultural Heritage In: DACH Game History: Preservation of Cultural Heritage. online. 30.April 2021.

The earlier consolidation of Game Studies in the English-speaking world has led to a research focus on North American video game history that has dominated the field until now. This has led to a canonisation of these game industries which were understood as determining the global development of the medium, while the emergence of regional and national game cultures outside the USA and Japan were ignored for the longest time. At the same time, the history of digital games in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland offers us a multitude of research opportunities – were it not for some basic obstacles. The digital games produced in these countries from the 1970s to the 2000s are in danger of being forgotten for the most part. A cultural heritage is disappearing before our eyes. Not only have national preservation strategies been missing until very recently, games have neither been publicly archived nor have accessibility solutions been devised on a scientific basis so far. Being sophisticated technological products, digital games always must be thought of in terms of their material (technological) basis as well as their procedural, performative, and narrative contents. Their often multi- or hypermedial character calls out for interdisciplinary work from the start. How does the scientific community dealing with history and games respond to these challenges in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland? How far have we come already, and what is still left to do?

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Pfister, Eugen0000-0003-3422-4697;
Fritsch, Melanie;
Rochat, Yannick and
Winnerling, Tobias




Eugen Pfister

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01 Dec 2021 09:30

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