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Abel, Thomas; Abraham, Andrea; Sommerhalder, Kathrin (2006). Kulturelles Kapital, kollektive Lebensstile und die soziale Reproduktion gesundheitlicher Ungleichheit In: Hurrelmann, Klaus; Richter, Matthias (eds.) Gesundheitliche Ungleichheit (pp. 185-198). Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften

Ammann, Paul (2006). E-Business im Vertrieb von Industriegütern (Dissertation, Universität St. Gallen)


Boonstra, M.; Pizzi, A.; Ganne-Chédeville, Christelle; Properzi, M.; Leban, J. M.; Pichelin, Frédéric (2006). Vibration welding of heat-treated wood Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 20(4), pp. 359-369. 10.1163/156856106776381758

Brunner, Maurice Yaw (2006). On the increasing importance of tensile loading perpendicular to the grain in some new timber products In: World Conference on Timber Engineering. Portland, USA. 06.-10.08.2006.


Caduff, Corina (6 August 2006). Mariella Mehr: Zeus oder der Zwillingston NZZ am Sonntag

Caduff, Corina; Gebhardt Fink, Sabine; Keller, Florian; Schmidt, Steffen (2006). highLOW. Zum Verhältnis von Hoch- und Alltagskultur in den Künsten Programmheft "highLOW. Zum Verhältnis von Hoch- und Alltagskultur in den Künsten", pp. 3-16.

Caduff, Corina; Keller, Florian; Gebhardt, Sabine; Schmidt, Steffen (2006). Intermedialität Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und Allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft, 51(2), pp. 211-237. Meiner

Caduff, Corina; Keller, Florian; Schmidt, Steffen; Gebhardt, Sabine (2006). –High Art, Low Culture: Stanley Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut (1999) als Grenzphänomen zwischen Hoch- und Alltagskultur Trans. Internet-Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften(16) Institut zur Erforschung und Förderung österreichischer und internationaler Literaturprozesse

Caduff, Corina; Keller, Florian; Schmidt, Steffen; Gebhardt Fink, Sabine (2006). Die zerstückelte Stimme. Lacan Karaoke Riss. Zeitschrift für Psychoanalyse, 20(63), pp. 113-124. Turia + Kant

Chudoba, Thomas; Schwaller, Patrick; Rabe, R.; Breguet, J.-M.; Michler, Johann (2006). Comparison of nanoindentation results obtained with Berkovich and cube-corner indenters Philosophical Magazine, 86(33-35), pp. 5265-5283. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/14786430600746424


Ganne-Chédeville, Christelle; Properzi, M.; Pizzi, A.; Leban, J.-M.; Pichelin, Frédéric (2006). Parameters of wood welding: A study with infrared thermography In: Ecowood International Conference on Environmentally-Compatible forest products. Oporto, Portugal. 20.-22.09.2006.

Ganne-Chédeville, Christelle; Properzi, Milena; Pizzi, Antonio; Leban, Jean-Michel; Pichelin, Frédéric (2006). Parameters of wood welding: A study with infrared thermography Holzforschung, 60(4), pp. 434-438. De Gruyter 10.1515/HF.2006.068

Properzi, Milena; Ganne-Chédeville, Christelle; Tondi, Gianluca; Pichelin, Frédéric; Pizzi, Antonio (2006). Wood bonding by melting of non-toxic fillers using linear friction welding In: Ecowood International Conference on Environmentally-Compatible forest products. Oporto, Portugal. 20.-22.09.2006.

Gassner, G.; Patscheider, J.; Mayrhofer, P. H.; Hegedus, E.; Tóth, L.; Kovacs, I.; Pécz, B.; Srot, V.; Scheu, Ch.; Mitterer, C. (2006). Structure of sputtered nanocomposite CrC[sub x]∕a-C:H thin films Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures, 24(4), p. 1837. 10.1116/1.2216713


Kern, P.; Schwaller, Patrick; Michler, J. (2006). Electrolytic deposition of titania films as interference coatings on biomedical implants: Microstructure, chemistry and nano-mechanical properties Thin Solid Films, 494(1-2), pp. 279-286. Elsevier Science 10.1016/j.tsf.2005.09.068

Oteng-Amoako, Andrew; kwesi, Daniel; Andrew, Akwasi; Ossei Agyekumhene, Isaac; Zürcher, Ernst; Rogenmoser, Christian (2006). 100 tropical African timber trees from Ghana : tree description and wood identification with notes on distribution, ecology, silviculture, ethnobotany and wood uses [Edited Textbook] . Kumasi, Ghana: Forestry Research Institute of Ghana, KNUST


Monteverde, Settimio (2006). Märtyrer oder Leichen? Das Hirntodkriterium als Topos theologischer Medizinethik. Zeitschrift für Evangelische Ethik, 50, pp. 182-196.

Muller, Bertrand; Bourdais, Gildas; Reidy, Beat; Bencivenni, Christelle; Massonneau, Agnès; Condamine, Pascal; Rolland, Gaëlle; Conéjéro, Geneviève; Rogowsky, Peter; Tardieu, François (2006). Association of Specific Expansins with Growth in Maize Leaves Is Maintained under Environmental, Genetic, and Developmental Sources of Variation Plant Physiology, 143(1), pp. 278-290. American Society of Plant Biologists 10.1104/pp.106.087494


Peiris, Vincent; Hoiydi, Amre El; Ribordy, Antoine; Le Roux, Erwan; Melly, Thierry; Ruffieux, David; Pengg, Franz; Giroud, Frédéric; Raemy, Nicolas; Kucera, Martin; Sumanen, Lauri; Volet, Patrick; Cserveny, S.; Arm, Claude; Pfister, Pierre-David; Caseiro, Ricardo (2006). WiseNET, an Ultra Low-Power RF Transceiver SoC and Communication Protocol Solution for Wireless Sensor Networks In: van Roermund, Arthur H.M. (ed.) Analog Circuit Design (pp. 345-375). Dordrecht: Springer Verlag 10.1007/1-4020-5186-7_17

JP (2006). Unfolding anchor (JP2006153277 (A))

Pichelin, Frédéric; Nakatani, M.; Pizzi, A.; Wieland, S.; Despres, A.; Rigolet, S. (2006). Structural beams from thick wood panels bonded industrially with formaldehyde-free tannin adhesives Forest Products Journal, 56(5), pp. 31-36.

Pizzi, Antonio; Leban, Jean-Michel; Ganne-Chédeville, Christelle; Properzi, Milena; Delmotte, Luc; Pichelin, Frédéric (2006). Le soudage du bois par friction Techniques de l’ingénieur, 4

Properzi, M.; Pizzi, A.; Resch, L.; Bocquet, J.-F.; Pichelin, Frédéric; Ganne-Chédeville, Christelle (2006). Latest development in the field of wood welding In: 9th World Conference on Timber Engineering 2006, WCTE 2006 2 (pp. 1264-1271). Oregon State University Conference Services

Lehmann, Martin; Properzi, Milena; Pichelin, Frédéric; Triboulot, Pascal (2006). Pre-stressed FRP for the in-situ strengthening of timber structures In: 9th World Conference on Timber Engineering 2006, WCTE 2006. Portland, USA. 06.-10.08.2006.


Schwaller, Patrick; Aeberhard, M.; Nelis, Thomas; Fischer, A.; Thapliyal, R.; Michler, J. (2006). Rapid depth profiling of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) thin films by pulsed glow-discharge optical emission spectroscopy Surface and Interface Analysis, 38(4), pp. 757-760. Wiley 10.1002/sia.2264


VOISIN, ANNE-SOPHIE; Reidy, Beat; PARENT, BORIS; ROLLAND, GAELLE; REDONDO, ELISE; GERENTES, DENISE; TARDIEU, FRANCOIS; MULLER, BERTRAND (2006). Are ABA, ethylene or their interaction involved in the response of leaf growth to soil water deficit? An analysis using naturally occurring variation or genetic transformation of ABA production in maize Plant, Cell and Environment, 29(9), pp. 1829-1840. Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/j.1365-3040.2006.01560.x


Wieland, S.; Pizzi, A.; Hill, S.; Grigsby, W.; Pichelin, Frédéric (2006). The reaction in water of UF resins with isocyanates at short curing times: A13C NMR investigation Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 100(2), pp. 1624-1632. Wiley 10.1002/app.23679

Brunner, Thomas; Wänke, Michaela (2006). The Reduced and Enhanced Impact of Shared Features on Individual Brand Evaluations Journal of Consumer Psychology, 16(2), pp. 101-111. John Wiley & Sons 10.1207/s15327663jcp1602_1


Zumbühl, Stefan; Attanasio, Francesca; Scherrer, Nadim; Müller, Wolfgang; Fenners, Nicolai; Caseri, Walter (2006). Solvent action on dispersion paint systems and the influence on the morphology-changes and destruction of the latex microstructure In: Learner, Tom; Smithen, Patricia; Krueger, Jay W.; Schilling, Michael R. (eds.) Modern Paints Uncovered. Proceedings (pp. 257-268). Tate Modern, London: The Getty Conservation Institute

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