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Adhikari, Sumit; Barnasconi, Martin; Damm, Markus; Einwich, Karsten; Floyd, Paul; Genius, Daniela; Grimm, Christoph; Louërat, Marie-Minerve; Mähne, Torsten; Pêcheux, François; Vachoux, Alain (2020). SystemC Analog/Mixed-Signal User's Guide - User Perspective on IEEE Std. 1666.1-2016 [Textbook] . Accellera Systems Initiative


Bektas, Alperen; Schumann, René (2021). Using Mobility Profiles for Synthetic Population Generation In: Ahrweiler, Petra; Neumann, Martin (eds.) Advances in Social Simulation. Proceedings of the 15th Social Simulation Conference: 23–27 September 2019. Springer Proceedings in Complexity (pp. 207-219). Springer 10.1007/978-3-030-61503-1_20

Boss, Ramon; Brünnler, Kai; Doukmak, Anna (11 December 2020). Towards Verifying the Bitcoin-S Library In: 2nd Workshop on Formal Methods for Blockchains (FMBC 2020). Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, Dagstuhl Publishing, Germany 10.4230/OASIcs.FMBC.2020.8


Chaum, David; Grothoff, Christian; Moser, Thomas (2021). How to Issue a Central Bank Digital Currency, 3(3/2021). Swiss National Bank

Chaum, David; Grothoff, Christian; Moser, Thomas (March 2021). Comment émettre une monnaie numérique de banque centrale (SNB Working Papers). Zurich: Swiss National Bank

Chaum, David; Grothoff, Christian; Moser, Thomas (January 2022). Come emettere una moneta digitale di banca centrale Swiss National Bank


Dungga Winterleitner, Angelina; Weissenfeld, Katinka; Klein, Eduard (2019). Barrierefreies E-Government In: Stember, Jürgen; Eixelsberger, Wolfgang; Neuroni, Alessia; Spichiger, Andreas (eds.) Handbuch E-Government. Technikinduzierte Verwaltungsentwicklung (pp. 1-20). Wiesbaden: Springer 10.1007/978-3-658-21596-5_38-1

d'Aligny, Antoine; Benoist, Emmanuel; Grothoff, Christian (September 2022). Project Depolymerization: Tokenization of Blockchains (In Press). 4th Conference on Blockchain Research & Applications for Innovative Networks and Services. IEEE

d’Aligny, Antoine; Benoist, Emmanuel; Dold, Florian; Grothoff, Christian; Kesim, Özgür; Schanzenbach, Martin (2022). Who comes after us? The correct mindset for designing a Central Bank Digital Currency SUERF Policy Note(279), pp. 1-9. Société Universitaire Européenne de Recherches Financières


Gasser, Thea; Klein, Eduard; Seppänen, Lasse (18 October 2020). Bias – A Lurking Danger that Can Convert Algorithmic Systems into Discriminatory Entities In: Centric2020 - The 13th Int. Conf. on Advances in Human-oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Services. (pp. 1-7). IARIA

Grothoff, Christian; Moser, Thomas (2021). How to issue a privacy-preserving central bank digital currency SUERF Policy Brief, 2021(114) Société Universitaire Européenne de Recherches Financières


Haenni, Rolf; Dubuis, Eric; Koenig, Reto; Locher, Philipp (2020). CHVote: Sixteen Best Practices and Lessons Learned In: E-Vote-ID'20, 5th International Joint Conference on Electronic Voting. LNCS: Vol. 12455 (pp. 95-111). Springer 10.1007/978-3-030-60347-2_7

Haenni, Rolf; Dubuis, Eric; Koenig, Reto; Locher, Philipp (2018). Process Models for Universally Verifiable Elections In: Krimmer, R.; Volkamer, M.; Cortier, V.; and U. Serdült, R. Goréand M. Hapsara; Duenas-Cid, D. (eds.) E-Vote-ID'18, 3rd International Joint Conference on Electronic Voting. LNCS: Vol. 11143 (pp. 84-99). Bregenz, Austria: Springer

Haenni, Rolf; Locher, Philipp (2010). Performance of Shuffling: Taking it to the Limits In: Financial Cryptography and Data Security, International Workshops. LNCS: Vol. 12063 (pp. 369-385). Springer

Halbfas, Brigitte; Kurpicz-Briki, Mascha; Heinemann, Kristin (2021). Diskriminieren digitale Tools der Gründungsberatung und -förderung? Ein interdisziplinärer Forschungszugang Zeitschrift für Diversitätsforschung und -management, 6(1-2021), pp. 98-104. Budrich Journals 10.3224/zdfm.v6i1.12

Haug, Sophie; Kurpicz-Briki, Mascha (2022). Burnout and Depression Detection Using Affective Word List Ratings Studies in health technology and informatics, 292, pp. 43-48. IOS Press 10.3233/SHTI220318

Heck, Horst; Schmidt, Armin Jürg; Kuonen, Franziska; Bacha, Sania; Schüpbach, Eva; Muntwyler, Urs (8 September 2020). Optimising Own PV Consumption with PV Energy Yield Predictions from Machine Learning Algorithms and Weather Data In: 37th EU PVSEC 2020. Online. 7.-11. September 2020.

Heck, Horst; Schmidt, Armin Jürg; Schüpbach, Eva; Kuonen, Franziska; Bacha, Sania; Muntwyler, Urs (8 September 2020). Optimising Own PV Consumption with PV Energy Yield Predictions from Machine Learning Algorithms and Weather Data In: 37th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition. Online. 7.-11. September 2020. 10.4229/EUPVSEC20202020

Hofstetter, Matthias; Koumpis, Adamantios; Chatzidimitriou, Kyriakos (2020). Avoiding a Data Science Winter by Keeping the Expectations Low International Journal: Advanced Corporate Learning, 13(4), pp. 4-12. International Association of Online Engineering (IAOE) 10.3991/ijac.v13i4.16933

Hoheisel, Holger; Pfahrer, Marcel (5 March 1999). Ein temporales Regel-Repository zur Unterstützung evolutionärer Workflow-Modellierung In: Electronic Business Engineering, 4. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (pp. 565-583). Heidelberg: Springer 10.1007/978-3-642-58663-7_30


Kesim, Özgür; Grothoff, Christian; Dold, Florian; Schanzenbach, Martin (30 September 2022). Zero-Knowledge Age Restriction for GNU Taler (In Press). In: 27th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS) (pp. 1-21). Springer

Kistler, Michael; Bonaretti, Serena; Pfahrer, Marcel; Niklaus, Roman; Büchler, Philippe (2013). The Virtual Skeleton Database: An Open Access Repository for Biomedical Research and Collaboration Journal of Medical Internet Research, 15(11), e245. 10.2196/jmir.2930

Knolmayer, Gerhard; Endl, Rainer; Pfahrer, Marcel (2000). Modeling Processes and Workflows by Business Rules In: Business Process Management - Models, Techniques and Empirical Studies. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Vol. 1806 (pp. 16-29). Berlin: Springer 10.1007/3-540-45594-9_2

Kurpicz-Briki, Mascha (24 June 2020). Cultural Differences in Bias? Origin and Gender Bias in Pre-Trained German and French Word Embeddings In: 5th SwissText & 16th KONVENS Joint Conference 2020. Zürich. 23-25.06.2020.

Kurpicz-Briki, Mascha (March 2020). Possibilités techniques pour la détection automatique de la discrimination dans les textes Rassismusbericht 2019 der GRA Stiftung und der Gesellschaft für Minderheiten Schweiz (GMS)

Kurpicz-Briki, Mascha (January 2020). Towards a Fairness Score for Machine Learning Training Data (Unpublished). In: Applied Machine Learning Days Lausanne 2020. Lausanne. 25-29.01.2020.

Kurpicz-Briki, Mascha; Leoni, Tomaso Aurelio Domenico (2021). A World Full of Stereotypes? Further Investigation on Origin and Gender Bias in Multi-Lingual Word Embeddings Frontiers in Big Data, 4(625290) Frontiers 10.3389/fdata.2021.625290


Laube, Annett; Koenig, Reto (30 November 2017). Secure Two-Factor Authentication with SwissPass Crypto Card: A Case Study In: Future Technologies Conference (FTC). Vancouver. 2017.

Lueg, Christopher (16 June 2021). Allocating Vaccination Appointments: Why we should (and could) do better than digital Hunger Games SocietyByte BFH-Zentrum Digital Society

Lueg, Christopher; Jungo, Valérie (29 May 2021). Mobile remote presence robots for medical consultation and social connectedness In: 31st Medical Informatics in Europe Conference (MIE2021) (pp. 999-1003). IOSPress 10.3233/SHTI210328

Lüthi, Sue (2020). An den Schnittstellen zeigt sich die Prozessqualität Wir Holzbauer spezial


Merhbene, Ghofrane; Nath, Sukanya; Puttick, Alexandre Riemann; Kurpicz-Briki, Mascha (2022). BurnoutEnsemble: Augmented Intelligence to Detect Indications for Burnout in Clinical Psychology Frontiers in Big Data, 5(2022) Frontiers 10.3389/fdata.2022.863100


Nath, Sukanya; Kurpicz-Briki, Mascha (November 2021). BurnoutWords - Detecting Burnout for a Clinical Setting CS & IT Conference Proceedings, 11(18), pp. 177-191. CS & IT Conference Proceedings 10.5121/csit.2021.111815

Nikkel, Bruce (23 November 2021). History and Evolution of Ransomware In: SSCC Online Workshop on Ransomware Attacks. Online. 23.11.2021.

Nikkel, Bruce (2021). Practical Linux Forensics No Starch Press


Pfahrer, Marcel; Walser, Konrad (28 September 2001). Die Bedeutung von Business Rules im Customer Relationship Management In: Informatik 2001 (pp. 137-155). Springer 10.1007/978-3-663-05775-8_6


Rohner, Thomas (2019). "Lotti die BIM-Kuh" - lnnovation spürbar und erlebbar hbs Digitalisierung

Rohner, Thomas (25 November 2020). Auftragsabwicklung im Bauwesen im digitalen Umfeld In: Initiative Wald & Holz 4.0. Auftragsabwicklung im Bauwesen – mit BIM – mehr Aufwand, weniger Ertrag?. Biel. 25. November 2020.


Sales, Juliano; Tzafilkou, Katerina; Koumpis, Adamantios; Gees, Thomas; Zimmermann, Heinrich; Protogeros, Nikolaos; Handschuh, Siegfried (8 June 2020). Let the End User in Peace: UX and Usability Aspects Related to the Design of Tutoring Systems In: ITS2020 - 16th Intelligent Tutoring Systems Conferences. Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science series (LNCS) (pp. 23-26). Springer

Sanahuja, Solange; Miesbauer, Oliver; Reichmann, Ellen; Sängerlaub, Sven (January 2012). Modelling and numerical simulation of water vapour sorption kinetics in humidity regulating polypropylene films containing sodium chloride In: European Multidisciplinary Society for Modelling and Simulation Technology -EUROSIS-; European Technology Institute -ETI-: FOODSIM 2012, Food Simulation Conference (pp. 91-97). Freising: Fraunhofer Institute IVV

Sariyar, Murat; Borg, Andreas (2020). Record Linkage Functions for Linking and Deduplicating Data Sets [Software & Other Digital Items]

Schaller, Christoph (2019). Parametric (Geo)Design for Test Planning GI_Forum : Journal for Geographic Information Science, 7(1), pp. 105-118. Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 10.1553/giscience2019_01_s105


Thömen, Heiko; Homerin, Benoît; Bernardy, Gregor; Steffen, Andreas (2019). Dichte von Holzwerkstoffen in Echtzeit vorhersagen Holz-Zentralblatt(21), pp. 446-447.

Thömen, Heiko; Wirth, Filipp (2018). Le bien-être – grâce à la réalité virtuelle ? spirit biel/bienne, 3, p. 25. BFH

Twidale, Michael B.; Nichols, David M.; Lueg, Christopher (2021). Everyone everywhere: A distributed and embedded paradigm for usability The Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 72(10), pp. 1272-1284. Wiley 10.1002/asi.24465

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