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Adhikari, Sumit; Barnasconi, Martin; Damm, Markus; Einwich, Karsten; Floyd, Paul; Genius, Daniela; Grimm, Christoph; Louërat, Marie-Minerve; Mähne, Torsten; Pêcheux, François; Vachoux, Alain (2020). SystemC Analog/Mixed-Signal User's Guide - User Perspective on IEEE Std. 1666.1-2016 [Textbook] . Accellera Systems Initiative


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de Salis, Emmanuel; Meteier, Quentin; Capallera, Marine; Angelini, Leonardo; Andreas, Sonderegger; Abou Khaled, Omar; Mugellini, Elena; Widmer, Marino; Carrino, Stefano (2021). Predicting Takeover Quality in Conditionally Automated Vehicles Using Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms In: Russo, Dario; Ahram, Tareq; Karwowski, Waldemar; Di Bucchianico, Giuseppe; Taiar, Redh (eds.) Intelligent Human Systems Integration 2021. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration (IHSI 2021): Integrating People and Intelligent Systems. February 22-24, 2021, Palermo, Italy. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing: Vol. 1322 (pp. 84-89). Cham: Springer 10.1007/978-3-030-68017-6_13


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Kurpicz-Briki, Mascha (24 June 2020). Cultural Differences in Bias? Origin and Gender Bias in Pre-Trained German and French Word Embeddings In: 5th SwissText & 16th KONVENS Joint Conference 2020. Zürich. 23-25.06.2020.

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