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Adenle, Ademola A.; Boillat, Sébastien-Pierre; Speranza, Chinwe Ifejika (2022). Key dimensions of land users’ perceptions of land degradation and sustainable land management in Niger State, Nigeria Environmental Challenges, 8, p. 100544. Elsevier 10.1016/j.envc.2022.100544

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Paschen, Johanna (18 November 2023). Transdisciplinary research in art and climate science collaborations: Investigating methodologies, procedures, practices, and underlying assumptions to reach epistemic justice in terms of knowledge co-creation between artists, climate scientists, society, and the more-than-human in the context of Switzerland In: scnat, akademie der naturwissenschaften (ed.) 21st Swiss Geoscience Meeting: Abstract Volume. Mendrisio, Switzerland. 17-18 Nov 2023.

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