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Wielocha, Aga (24 November 2023). Performing Objects, Objects to be Performed: Fluxus Legacy and the Notion of Activation In: Conference: Bridging the gap: synergies between art history and conservation. Oslo, Norway. 23–24 of November 2023.

Bründler, Stefanie; Bunz, Sophie; Ritler, Magdalena; Scherrer, Nadim; Soppa, Karolina (22 September 2023). Dry methylcellulose foams: Investigation of simple foaming and drying methods for applications in the field of conservation and restoration In: ICOM-CC 20th Triennial Conference: Working Towards a Sustainable Past. Valencia. 18–22 September 2023.

Ritler, Magdalena; Soppa, Karolina; Eysler, Angela; Scherrer, Nadim (22 September 2023). Liquid methylcellulose foam as an adhesive-filler for lifted stiff paint flakes: The case study of <em>La Salle des Cariatides au Louvre</em> In: ICOM-CC 20th Triennial Conference: Working Towards a Sustainable Past. Valencia. 18–22 September 2023.

Soppa, Karolina; Zumbühl, Stefan; Hügli, Tamara (19 May 2023). Mammalian and Fish Gelatines at Fluctuating Relative Humidity In: AIC, 51st Annual Meeting, Conservation in the Age of Environmental, Social, and Economic Climate Change. Jacksonville, Florida. 16.–20. Mai 2023.

Palmbach, Cornelius; Dobrusskin, Sebastian; Jacot-Guillarmod, Mathieu; Raymann, Olivia; Buder, Andreas; Hartmann, Hans; Voser, Guido; Mordasini Voser, Barbara; Mordasini, Gianclaudio; Amberg, Caroline (2023). Disinfection of mould-contaminated archival material by X-ray irradiation: new research results on the effect on moulds and cellulose Restaurator, pp. 1-32. De Gruyter Saur 10.1515/res-2022-0016


Soppa, Karolina; Ritler, Magdalena; Scherrer, Nadim (1 July 2022). Adhesive Foams: A First Insight In: inArt 2022: 5th International Conference on Innovation in Art Research and Technology. Paris (France). 28 Jun-1 Jul 2022.

Müller, Leonie; Henniges, Ute; Schultz, Julia; Wöllner, Annine; Zumbühl, Stefan; Brückle, Irene (2022). Pressure-sensitive Tape Removal in Paper Conservation: A Review Journal of Paper Conservation, 23(2), pp. 59-75. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/18680860.2022.2060000

Devesa, Joana; Carlyle, Leslie; Stols-Witlox, Maartje; Boon, Jaap J.; Fernando, Ana Luisa; Zumbühl, Stefan; de Sá, Susana França (2022). Recipe analysis, reconstruction and re-enactment: historical technical source on the cleaning of easel Paintings The Role of Sources and Performative Methods in Art Technological Studies, pp. 143-154. ICOM-CC Publications


Soppa, Karolina (25 November 2020). Basic Steps for Adhesion of Flaking Paint and Canvas: with a focus on absorbent substrates bonded with collagen-based ahesives In: Structural treatments on double-sided paintings 1 (pp. 24-29). Venaria Reale, TO: La Venaria Reale, Centro Conservazione Restauro 10.57578/ccrlavenariareale_getty


Spitza, Dorothea; Dobrusskin, Sebastian; Schmidt, Marjen (2013). Matte Silbergelatine-Entwicklungspapiere: Partieller Mattglanzausgleich unter Verwendung mikronisierter Kieselgele und Gelatine = Matt silver-gelatine-developing-out-papers: local surface gloss retouching using microcrystalline silica gels and gelatine Rundbrief Fotografie – Analoge und digitale Bildmedien in Archiven und Sammlungen, 20(1), pp. 5-10. Deutsches Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte, Bildarchiv Foto Marburg

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