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Burkard, Johannes; Denkel, Christoph; Selbmann, Karl-Heinz (2023). Additive Fertigung in der Lebensmittelindustrie – endlich auf einem erfolgsversprechenden Weg? Foodaktuell(12), pp. 50-52. Metzgereipersonal-Verband der Schweiz

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Schädle, Christopher N.; Bader-Mittermaier, Stephanie; Sanahuja, Solange (2022). The Effect of Corn Dextrin on the Rheological, Tribological, and Aroma Release Properties of a Reduced-Fat Model of Processed Cheese Spread Molecules : A Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry, 27(6), pp. 1-27. MPDI 10.3390/molecules27061864

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Kistler, Tobias; Pridal, Angela; Bourcet, Charlotte; Denkel, Christoph (2021). Modulation of sweetness perception in confectionary applications Food Quality and Preference, 88, p. 104087. Elsevier 10.1016/j.foodqual.2020.104087

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Kopf, Katrin Annika; Villarreal Cruz, María Camila; Walther, Barbara; Guggisberg, Dominik; Denkel, Christoph (2021). Schäumbarkeit kommerzieller Getränke auf Pflanzenbasis - Einfluss von Formulierung und Verarbeitung In: Liebefelder Milchtagung 2021. Online. 25.02.2021.

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Franco Lucas, Bárbara; Guelpa, Raffaele; Brunner, Thomas; Denkel, Christoph; Costa, Jorge (27 October 2020). Effect of Açai pulp on the physical properties of cereal-based extrudates In: 7th Simposio de Segurança Alimentar. Online. 27.-29. Oktober 2020.

Franco Lucas, Bárbara; Guelpa, Raffaele; Brunner, Thomas; Denkel, Christoph; Costa, Jorge (27 October 2020). Development of snacks enriched with Açai pulp powder In: 7th Simposio de Segurança Alimentar. Online. 27.-29. Oktober 2020.

Villarreal Cruz, M.C; Walther, B.; Guggisberg, D.; Denkel, Christoph; Kopf, Katrin Annika (21 October 2020). Comparison of physicochemical properties of commercial UHT treated plant-based beverages and bovine milk In: NIZO Plant Protein Functionality Conference. Online. 21-22 October 2020.

Kopf, Katrin Annika (October 2020). Pflanzenbasierte Getränke – der weite Weg zur Milchalternative Lebensmittelindustrie, 29(9/10), pp. 22-23. Verlag Lebensmittel-Industrie

Kopf, Katrin Annika (21 January 2020). Facteurs influençant la cristallisation du lactose dans la production de poudre de lactosérum In: Liebefelder Milchtagung 2020. Zollikofen. 21.01.2020.

Jossi, Peter (2020). Praxisorientierte Forschung – pflanzenbasierte Ernährung Heime & Spitäler


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Kopf, Katrin Annika (27 June 2019). Protein quality of plant-based proteins & strategies for optimization In: 2nd Meeting Innovation group Proteins4Future. Zürich. June 27, 2019.


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Brunner, Thomas; Delley, Mathilde; Denkel, Christoph (7 February 2018). Consumers’ attitude formation and evolution towards 3D-printed food In: 12th International European Forum (Igls-Forum) on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks. Igls. 5.-9. Februar 2018.


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Kopf, Katrin Annika; Bisig, Walter; Jungbluth, Niels; Denkel, Christoph (2015). Molke - auf den Teller statt in den Trog Alimenta(15), pp. 28-29. Publilactis

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