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Hélou-de La Grandière, Pauline; Boon, Jaap J.; Scherrer, Nadim; Zumbühl, Stefan (2021). Soulages’ Peinture 12 March 1960: diagnostic analytical studies and tentative consolidation of major curled-up delamination areas Meddelelser om Konservering, 1, pp. 65-79. Nordiska Konservator Foerbundet, Nordisk Konservator Forbund

Klügl, Johanna; Di Pietro, Giovanna (2021). Atlas of Micromorphological Degradation of Archaeological Birch Bark Applied Science Special Issue Application of Biology to Cultural Heritage, 11(18) MDPI

Junkmanns, Jürgen; Klügl, Johanna; Di Pietro, Giovanna; Hafner, Albert (2021). The Neolithic Bow Case from Lenk, Schnidejoch: A Technological and Cultural Analysis Journal of Glacial Archaeology, 5, pp. 5-50. Equinox Publishing

Schmid, Thomas; Kraft, Ronja; Dariz, Petra (2021). Shedding light onto the spectra of lime, part 2: Raman spectra of Ca and Mg carbonates, and the role of d-block element luminescence Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 52(8), pp. 1462-1472. John Wiley & Sons 10.1002/jrs.6174

Haudenschild, Meret; Soppa, Karolina; Zumbühl, Stefan; Scherrer, Nadim; Becker, Thomas; Wyer, Peter (2021). Von Weiss zu Schwarz – Der Inkarnatfarbenwechsel der Einsiedler Madonna und ausgewählter Kopien. Zeitschrift für Kunsttechnologie und Konservierung, 34(2021/1), pp. 197-205. Wernersche Verlagsgesellschaft

Soppa, Karolina; Konietzny, Mona; Haller, Ursula (2021). Etablierte Klebstoffe in neuer Form. Gewebeverklebung mit aktivierbaren Klebstoffgittern aus Methylcellulosen, Störleim und iso-Butylmethacrylat Zeitschrift für Kunsttechnologie und Konservierung, 34(2021/1), pp. 155-164. Wernersche Verlagsgesellschaft

Dariz, Petra; Schmid, Thomas (2021). Trace compounds in Early Medieval Egyptian blue carry information on provenance, manufacture, application, and ageing Scientific Reports, 11, p. 11296. Springer

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Klügl, Johanna; Di Pietro, Giovanna (2021). The interaction of water with archaeological and ethnographic birch bark and its effects on swelling, shrinkage and deformations Heritage Science, 9(1) 10.1186/s40494-020-00476-y

Zumbühl, Stefan; Soulier, Jacques Balthazar; Zindel, Christophe (2021). Varnish Technology during the 16th–18th Century: The Use of Pumice and Bone ash as Solid Driers Journal of Cultural Heritage, 47, pp. 59-68. Elsevier 10.1016/j.culher.2020.10.001

Moretti, Patizia; Zumbühl, Stefan; Caruso, Ottaviano; Gammaldi, Nicola; Iazurlo, Paola; Piqué, Francesca (2021). The Characterization of the Materials Used by Gino Severini in His 20th C Wall Paintings at Semsales in Switzerland, Applied Sciences Applied Sciences

Hofmann, Charlotte; Schaefer, Iris; Zumbühl, Stefan; Ferreira, Ester (2021). Einblick zur Farbveränderung in Laubdarstellungen, Kunsttechnologische Untersuchungen an zwei flämischen Landschaftsgemälden des 17.Jahrhunderts Zeitschrift für Kunsttechnologie und Konservierung Wernersche Verlagsgesellschaft

Hendriks, Laura Sharon; Hajdas, Irka; Scherrer, Nadim; Zumbühl, Stefan; Stenger, Jens; Welte, Caroline; Synal, Hans-Arno; Günther, Detlef (2021). Advances and limitations of 14C dating in the field of heritage sciences Technè, 52(52), pp. 111-117. Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France 10.4000/techne.10278

Peterer, Lea; Scherrer, Nadim; Beaulieu, Jean-Philippe (2021). Pigment Analysis of the Uli Figure of the Musée d'Ethnographie de Neuchâtel, Switzerland, inv. V.415. In: Fogel, Jonathan; (ed.) ULI - Powerful Ancestors From The Pacific (pp. 145-146). Bornival, Belgium: Primedia SPRL


Hendriks, Laura; Caseri, Walter; Ferreira, Ester S. B.; Scherrer, Nadim; Zumbühl, Stefan; Küffner, Markus; Hajdas, Irka; Wacker, Lukas; Synal, Hans-Arno; Günther, Detlef (2020). The Ins and Outs of 14 C Dating Lead White Paint for Artworks Application Analytical Chemistry, 92(11), pp. 7674-7682. ACS American Chemical Society 10.1021/acs.analchem.0c00530

Betz, Gesine (2020). Butter und butterähnliche Speisefette als Material von Kunst- und Kulturobjekten VDR Beiträge zur Erhaltung von Kunst- und Kulturgut, 2, pp. 34-45. Verband der Restauratoren (VDR) e. V.


Soppa, Karolina; Konietzny, Mona (22 November 2019). Adhesive Meshes. Implementation and bonding properties in paintings conservation with focus on textile supports. In: European Conservation PhD Student Colloquium. Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design an Conservation, Kopenhagen. 22.11.2019.

Scherrer, Nadim (17 October 2019). Some practical aspects of pigment analysis using Raman spectroscopy In: Renishaw Inside Raman Seminar. Renishaw

Soppa, Karolina; Konietzny, Mona (27 July 2019). Restauration d'art: L'interdisciplinarité, un adhésif hors pair Le Journal du Jura

Soppa, Karolina; Konietzny, Mona (18 May 2019). Self-Supporting Methylcellulose Meshes - An Innovative Bonding Tool In: American Institute for Conservation (AIC)'S 47TH Annual Meeting. Uncasville, CT. 18.5.2019.

Soppa, Karolina (2019). Pre-Wetting and Masking with Aliphatic, Non-Aromatic Solvents during Re-adhesion of Chalk Ground Flakes and Alkyd Paint Flakes with Acrylic Dispersions: New Insights into an Old Technique AIC Paintings Specialty Group Postprints(32), pp. 195-206.

Soppa, Karolina; Konietzny, Mona (1 February 2019). Adhesive Meshes for Canvas and Paper Bonding In: ICOM-CC Paper-Group. Hochschule der Künste Bern. 1.2.2019.

Scherrer, Nadim (30 January 2019). Surfaces and interfaces in multilayered paint systems – analytical challenges in art conservation sciences (Unpublished). In: EPFL CCMX WINTER SCHOOL Surface Science: Fundamentals, Properties and Selected Applications. Kandersteg, Switzerland. 30.01.2019.

Soppa, Karolina; Konietzny, Mona (2019). Mikrotechnik in der Gemälderestaurierung Spirit Magazin BFH, 2/2019 BFH

Hendriks, Laura; Hajdas, Irka; Scherrer, Nadim; Ferreira, Ester S. B.; Zumbühl, Stefan; Smith, Gregory D.; Welte, Caroline; Wacker, Lukas; Synal, Hans-Arno; Günther, Detlef (2019). Uncovering modern art forgeries. Inconsistencies between the canvas and the organic binder with 14C dating (Annual Report, Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics 2019). Basel: Librum Publishers & Editors


Scherrer, Nadim; Zumbühl, Stefan; Ferreira, Ester S. B.; Cato, Eleanor (1 February 2018). Surfaces and interfaces in multilayered paint systems – analytical challenges in art conservation sciences In: Ernst, Karl-Heinz (ed.) 34th SAOG Meeting: Science of Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanostructures. HEIA Haute école d'ingénierie et d'architecture, Fribourg, Switzerland. 1 February 2018.

Hendriks, Laura; Hajdas, Irka; Ferreira, Ester S. B.; Scherrer, Nadim; Zumbühl, Stefan; Küffner, Markus; Wacker, Lukas; Synal, Hans-Arno; Günther, Detlef (2018). COMBINED C-14 ANALYSIS OF CANVAS AND ORGANIC BINDER FOR DATING A PAINTING Radiocarbon, 60(1), pp. 207-218. 10.1017/rdc.2017.107

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Steckling, Friederike; Gross, Markus; Zumbühl, Stefan; Scherrer, Nadim (2018). Future prospects of conservation treatments with a micro-aspirator tool WAAC western association for art conservation Newsletter, 40, pp. 10-12. Santa Monica, CA: Western Association for Art Conservation WAAC

Wu, Qing; Soppa, Karolina; Scherrer, Nadim; Watts, Benjamin; Yokosawa, Tadahiro; Bernard, Laetitia; Araki, Tohru; Döbeli, Max; Meyer, Markus; Spiecker, Erdmann; Fink, Rainer H. (2018). Investigation of the foil structure and corrosion mechanisms of modern Zwischgold using advanced analysis techniques Journal of Cultural Heritage, 31, pp. 122-132. Elsevier 10.1016/j.culher.2017.12.005


Gross, Markus; Scherrer, Nadim; Steckling, Friederike; Zumbühl, Stefan (2017). Studio Tip: Future Prospects of Conservation Treatments with a Micro-Aspirator Tool AIC Paintings Specialty Group Postprints, 30, pp. 115-119.

Cato, Eleanor; Scherrer, Nadim; Ferreira, Ester S. B. (2017). Raman mapping of the S3- chromophore in degraded ultramarine blue paints Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 48(12), pp. 1789-1798. 10.1002/jrs.5256

Zumbühl, Stefan; Brändle, Andreas; Hochuli, Andreas; Scherrer, Nadim; Caseri, Walter (2017). Derivatization Technique To Identify Specifically Carbonyl Groups by Infrared Spectroscopy: Characterization of Photooxidative Aging Products in Terpenes and Terpeneous Resins Analytical Chemistry, 89(3), pp. 1742-1748. American Chemical Society 10.1021/acs.analchem.6b04008

Zumbühl, Stefan; Hochuli, Andreas; Soulier, Jacques Balthazar; Scherrer, Nadim (2017). Fluorination technique to identify the type of resin in aged vanishes and lacquers using infrared spectroscopy Microchemical Journal, 134, pp. 317-326. 10.1016/j.microc.2017.06.013


Hendriks, Laura; Hajdas, Irka; McIntyre, Cameron; Küffner, Markus; Scherrer, Nadim; Ferreira, Ester S. B. (2016). Microscale radiocarbon dating of paintings Applied Physics A, 122(3), p. 167. 10.1007/s00339-016-9593-x

Ferreira, Ester S. B.; Wyss, Karin; de Villemereuil, Violaine; Beltinger, Karoline; Marone, Federica; Scherrer, Nadim; Zumbühl, Stefan (2016). The role of reconstructions in the identification of a wax/resin/gum tempera binder developed by Hermann Urban in 1901 and used by Cuno Amiet in 1902 In: Beltinger, Karoline; Nadolny, Jilleen (eds.) Painting in Tempera. KUNSTMaterial: Vol. 4 (pp. 205-227). Zürich: Archetype Publications

Magnin, Emilie (2016). Defining an Ethical Framework for Preserving Cory Arcangel’s Super Mario Clouds The Electronic Media Review, 4(2015) American Institute for Conservation


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Tsiranidou, Elsa; Bernikola, Eirini; Tornari, Vivi; Fankhauser, Thomas; Läuchli, Matthias; Palmbach, Cornelius; Bäschlin, Nathalie (2011). Holographic monitoring of transportation effects on canvas paintings SPIE Newsroom SPIE 10.1117/2.1201106.003767


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