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Journal Article

Endrissat, Nada; Ravasi, Davide; Mengis, Jeanne; Sergi, Viviane (2019). Interpreting aesthetic video data. Unplugged - The Interpreters. M@n@gement, 22(2), pp. 316-335. Association Internationale de Management Strategique (AIMS)

Sorsa, Virpi; Merkkiniemin, Heini; Endrissat, Nada; Islam, Gazi (2018). Little less conversation, little more action: Musical intervention as aesthetic material communication Journal of Business Research, 85, pp. 365-374. 10.1016/j.jbusres.2017.10.014

Endrissat, Nada; Alacovska, Ana (2018). "Hope Is the Greatest Whore": Hope, Critique, and Management Studies in Irena Haiduk's Artwork: Unplugged – Voices M@n@gement, 21(3), pp. 1135-1153. Association Internationale de Management Strategique (AIMS)

Endrissat, Nada; Kärreman, Dan; Noppeney, Claus (2017). Incorporating the creative subject: Branding outside–in through identity incentives Human Relations, 70(4), pp. 488-515. 10.1177/0018726716661617

Endrissat, Nada; Islam, Gazi; Noppeney, Claus (2016). Visual organizing: Balancing coordination and creative freedom via mood boards Journal of Business Research, 69(7), pp. 2353-2362. 10.1016/j.jbusres.2015.10.004

Endrissat, Nada; Islam, Gazi; Noppeney, Claus (2015). Enchanting Work: New Spirits of Service Work in an Organic Supermarket Organization Studies, 36(11), pp. 1555-1576. 10.1177/0170840615593588

Endrissat, Nada; Noppeney, Claus; Islam, Gazi (2015). Viusal Organizing: Balancing coordination and creative freedom via mood boards Journal of Business Research, 69(7), pp. 2353-2362. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jbusres.2015.10.004

Newspaper or Magazine Article

Islam, Gazi; Endrissat, Nada; Noppeney, Claus (11 February 2016). Beyond the eye of the beholder. Scent innovation through analogical reconfiguration. Organization studies, special issue on innovation in the creative industries., 37(6), pp. 769-795. 10.1177/0170840615622064

Book Section

von Arx, Widar; Endrissat, Nada; Jacobs, Claus (2019). Leadership in Schweizer Spitälern – Führung im Spannungsfeld von Grenzen und Paradoxien In: Kels, Peter; Kaudela-Baum, Stephanie (eds.) Experten führen. Modelle, Ideen und Praktiken für die Organisations- und Führungsentwicklung. UNISCOPE (pp. 153-177). Wiesbaden: Springer 10.1007/978-3-658-23028-9_9

Endrissat, Nada; Noppeney, Claus (2018). Smells like craft spirit. Hope, optimism and sellout in perfumery In: Bell, Emma; Mangia, Gianluigi; Taylor, Scott; Toraldo, Maria Laura (eds.) The Organization of Craft Work Identities, Meanings, and Materiality (pp. 98-117). Routledge

Von Arx, Widar; Endrissat, Nada; Jacobs, Claus (2018). Leadership in Schweizer Spitälern- Führung im Spannungsfeld von Grenzen und Pardoxien In: Kels, Peter; Kaudela-Baum, Stephanie (eds.) Experten führen. Modelle, Ideen und Praktiken für die Organisations- und Führungsentwicklung (pp. 153-177). Springer Verlag

Bubb, Katharina; Martig, Pascal; Endrissat, Nada (2018). Angehörigenbetreuung in der Schweiz In: Tokarski, Kim Oliver; Schellinger, Jochen; Berchtold, Philipp (eds.) Nachhaltige Unternehmensführung. Herausforderungen und Beispiele aus der Praxis (pp. 365-389). Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler

Crevani, Lucia; Endrissat, Nada (2016). Mapping the Leadership-as-Practice Terrain: Comparative Elements In: Raelin, Joseph A. (ed.) Leadership-as-Practice: Theory and Application (pp. 21-49). New York: Taylor & Francis 10.4324/9781315684123

Sprenger, Martin; Endrissat, Nada; Fischer, Christoph; Godat, Dominik; Kaudela-Baum, Stephanie; Kuark, Julia K.; Mohr, Seraina; Müller, Werner R. (2011). Führung der eigenen Person In: Führung lernen : Fallstudien zu Führung, Personalmanagement und Organisation (pp. 37-53). Berlin: Springer 10.1007/978-3-642-16817-8_3

Conference or Workshop Item

Endrissat, Nada; Sergi, Viviane; Noppeney, Claus (2018). Evaluative moments in scent making: Exploring ‘sensing and experiencing’ as constitutive of organizing In: 34th EGOS Colloquium 2018 "Surprise in and around Organizations: Journeys to the Unexpected". Tallinn / Estonia. July 5–7, 2018.

Bonneau, Claudine; Endrissat, Nada; Sergi, Viviane (2018). Social media as a new workspace? Exploring dimensions of work performed and visibilized on Instagram In: 8th Organizations, Artifacts and Practices (OAP) Workshop: New Ways of Working: Rematerializing Organizations in the Digital Age. VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 21.-22.6.2018.

Kompatsiaris, Panos; Endrissat, Nada (2018). Incorporating activism: art biennials as site for institutional and social change In: 2018 Organization Studies Summer Workshop. Responding to Displacement, Disruption, and Division Organizing for Social and Institutional Change. Samos / Greece. 24-26. May.

Endrissat, Nada; Noppeney, Claus (July 2017). Enchanting space: Atmosphere and sociomateriality in entrepreneurship education. In: 33rd EGOS Colloquium. Sub-theme 34: Materiality in Organizing: Space, Technology, Artefacts. Copenhagen / Denmark. 06.-08.07.2017.

Endrissat, Nada; Noppeney, Claus (8 June 2017). Smells like Craft Spirit: Craft as Empowerment and Social Movement in Niche Perfumery In: "The Organization of Craft Work" Workshop "Identities u. Meanings and Materialities". Birmingham / UK. 08.06.2017.

Endrissat, Nada; Kärreman, Dan; Noppeney, Claus (2017). Feeding aesthetic lifestyles. Organizing the Pleasure of Food In: 12th Organization Studies Summer Workshop. Food Organizing Matters: Paradoxes and Problems and Potentialities. Chania / Greece. 16.-18.05.2017.

Endrissat, Nada; Sergi, Viviane (2017). The artist is (hyper)present. Performing and exhibiting cultural work on social media. In: Conference of the CAMEo Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies: Mediating Cultural Work: Texts, Objects and Politics. Leicester / UK. 06.-08.09.2017.

Endrissat, Nada; Noppeney, Claus (2016). New age entrepreneurship education: practices and critique In: LAEMOS, Sub-theme 13: The Organizational Politics of Entrepreneurship. 06.-09.04.2016.

Endrissat, Nada; Noppeney, Claus (2015). Entre-senses: a sensual approach to s(cents-making and creativity in artistic perfumery In: 10th Organization Studies Summer Workshop on Organizational creativity play and entrepreneurship. Chania, Crete, Greece. 21.-23.05.2015.

Endrissat, Nada; Noppeney, Claus (August 2014). New Scents in Action: Collective S©en(t)s Making in Artistic Perfumery. In: The seventh International Art of Management and Organization Conference. Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark. 28.-31.8.2014.

Von Arx, Widar; Endrissat, Nada (2014). Blurred lines: resistance from a convention perspective in complex organizational settings. In: 9th Organization Studies Summer Workshop and Special Issue Resistance, resisting, and resisters in and around organizations. Corfu / Greece. 20.-25.5.2014.

Noppeney, Claus; Endrissat, Nada; Lzicar, Robert (17 April 2013). Design Driven Innovation in Artistic Perfumery: A Case Study on the Value of Design and Designers in Product Development In: 10th European Academy of Design Conference: Crafting the Future. Gotheburg, Sweden. 17.-19. Apr. 2013.

Noppeney, Claus; Lzicar, Robert; Endrissat, Nada (11 September 2012). Seeing Trust – Smelling Trust: Communicating emotions in a Design Process In: 8th International Conference on Design and Emotion: OUT OF CONTROL. London, UK. 11.-14.09.2012.

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