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Journal Article

Montgomery, Tom; Dey, Pascal (2021). ‘Utopia’ failed? Social enterprise, everyday practices and the closure of neoliberalism Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 39(7), pp. 1625-1643. SAGE 10.1177/23996544211036466

Roy, Michael; Dey, Pascal; Teasdale, Simon (2021). Re-embedding embeddedness: what is the role of social enterprise in promoting democracy and protecting social rights? Social Enterprise Journal, 17(3), pp. 379-397. Emerald Publishing Limited 10.1108/SEJ-02-2021-0011

Teasdale, Simon; Roy, Michael J.; Ziegler, Rafael; Mauksch, Stefanie; Dey, Pascal; Raufflet, Emmanuel B. (2020). Everyone a Changemaker? Exploring the Moral Underpinnings of Social Innovation Discourse Through Real Utopias JOURNAL OF SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, 12(3), pp. 417-437. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/19420676.2020.1738532

Gauthier, Caroline; Shanahan, Genevieve; Daudigeos, Thibault; Ranville, Adélie; Dey, Pascal (2020). Tackling economic exclusion through social business models: A typology International Review of Applied Economics, 34(5), pp. 588-606. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/02692171.2019.1707785

Teasdale, Simon; Dey, Pascal (2019). Neoliberal governing through social enterprise: Exploring the neglected roles of deviance and ignorance in public value creation Public Administration, 97(2), pp. 325-338. Wiley 10.1111/padm.12588

Dey, Pascal; Mason, Chris (2018). Overcoming constraints of collective imagination: An inquiry into activist entrepreneuring, disruptive truth-telling and the creation of ‘possible worlds’ Journal of Business Venturing, 33(1), pp. 84-99. Elsevier

Mauksch, Stefanie; Dey, Pascal; Rowe, Mike; Teasdale, Simon (2017). Ethnographies of social enterprise Social Enterprise Journal, 13(2), pp. 114-127. Emerald Publishing Limited

Dey, Pascal; Lehner, Othmar (2017). Registering ideology in the creation of social entrepreneurs: Intermediary organizations, ‘ideal subjects’, and the promise of enjoyment Journal of Business Ethics, 142(4), pp. 753-767. Springer

Verduijn, Karen; Dey, Pascal; Tedsmanson, Deirdre (2017). A critical understanding of entrepreneurship Revue de L'Entrepreneuriat, 16, pp. 37-45.

Dey, Pascal; Steyaert, Chris (2016). Rethinking the space of ethics in social entrepreneurship: Power, subjectivity, and practices of freedom’ Journal of Business Ethics, 133(4), pp. 627-641. Springer

Dey, Pascal; Teasdale, Simon (2016). The tactical mimicry of social enterprise strategies: Acting ‘as if’ in the everyday life of third sector organizations Organization, 23(4), pp. 485-504. SAGE

Dey, Pascal (2016). Destituent entrepreneurship: Disobeying sovereign rule, prefiguring post-capitalist reality Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 28(7-8), pp. 563-579. Taylor & Francis

Dey, Pascal; Schneider, Hanna; Maier, Florentine (2016). Intermediary organisations and the hegemonisation of social entrepreneurship: Fantasmatic articulations, constitutive quiescences, and moments of indeterminacy Organization Studies, 37(10), pp. 1451-1472. SAGE

Tedmanson, Deirdre; Essers, Caroline; Dey, Pascal; Verduyn, Karen (2015). An uncommon wealth: Transforming the commons with purpose, for people and not for profit! Journal of Management Inquiry, 24(4), pp. 439-444. SAGE 10.1177/1056492615579791

Book Section

Dey, Pascal (2020). Afterword: What Does it Mean to be Against Entrepreneurship? From Antagonistic to Agonistic Critique In: Örtenblad, Anders (ed.) Against Entrepreneurship: A Critical Examination (pp. 267-286). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan

Dey, Pascal (2020). What does it mean to be 'against' entrepreneurship? From antagonistic to agonistic critique In: Örtenblad, Anders (ed.) Against Entrepreneurship (pp. 267-278). Springer 10.1007/978-3-030-47937-4

Dey, Pascal; Marti, Laurent (2019). Social entrepreneurship through the lens of the ‘everyday’: Inquiring the rhythms of female micro-credit recipients In: A research Agenda of Social Entrepreneurship (pp. 155-163). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar

Dey, Pascal; Steyaert, Chris (2018). Myth in social entrepreneurship research: An inquiry into rationalist, ideological and dialectic practices of demystification In: Social Entrepreneurship: An Affirmative Critique (pp. 100-126). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar

Dey, Pascal (2018). Foreword. Critique, entrepreneurship, practice: A prolegomenon In: Berglund, Karin; Verduyn, Karen (eds.) Revitalizing Entrepreneurship Education: Adopting a Critical Approach in the Classroom. Routledge Rethinking Entrepreneurship Research. Routledge

Steyaert, Chris; Dey, Pascal (2018). The books on social entrepreneurship we edit, critique and imagine’ In: Social Entrepreneurship: An Affirmative Critique. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar

Teasdale, Simon; Dey, Pascal (2018). A critical analysis of social enterprise In: Reframing Nonprofit Organizations (pp. 182-192). Irvine, California: Melvin & Leigh Publishers

Dey, Pascal; Marti, Laurent (2018). Studying crowdfunding through extreme cases: cursory reflections on the social value creation process of a potato salad project In: Lehner, Othmar L. (ed.) Routledge Handbook of Social and Sustainable Finance. Routledge International Handbooks (pp. 323-341). London: Routledge

Essers, Caroline; Dey, Pascal; Tedmanson, Deirdre; Verduyn, Karen (2017). Critical entrepreneurship studies: A manifesto In: Critical Perspectives on Entrepreneurship: Challenging Dominant Discourses (pp. 1-14). Abingdon: Taylor & Francis

Dey, Pascal; Resch, Dörte (2016). Discourse analysis as intervention: The case of organizational changing In: A Guide to Discursive Organizational Psychology (pp. 313-332). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar

Dey, Pascal (2016). Probing the Power of Entrepreneurship Discourse: An Immanent Critique In: Steyaert, Chris; Nentwich, Julia; Hoyer, Patrizia (eds.) A Guide to Discursive Organizational Psychology (pp. 123-145). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar

Dey, Pascal; Steyaert, Chris (2015). Tracing imagination in the ethics of entrepreneurship: Toward a critical hermeneutic of imagination In: The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and Organization (pp. 231-248). London: Routledge

Dey, Pascal (2015). Wieso „kulturalistische Wirtschaftsethik", wenn „Soziologie des moralischen Urteils" doch viel treffender klingt? In: Beschorner, Thomas; Ulrich, Peter; Wettstein, Florian (eds.) St. Galler Wirtschaftsethik: Programmatik, Positionen, Perspektiven. Ethik und Ökonomie: Vol. 16 (pp. 165-174). Marburg (De): Metropolis Verlag


Dey, Pascal; Steyaert, Chris (eds.) (2018). Social Entrepreneurship: An Affirmative Critique Cheltenham: Edward Elgar

Essers, Caroline; Dey, Pascal; Tedmanson, Deirdre; Verduyn, Karen (eds.) (2017). Critical Perspectives on Entrepreneurship: Challenging Dominant Discourses London: Routledge


Wettstein, Florian; Dey, Pascal; Schaefers, Kevin; Bahlmann, Julia (2019). Impact Investing: Konzept, Spannungsfelder und Zukunftsperspektiven. Eine Orientierung für private und institutionelle Investoren Bad Homburg & St. Gallen: FERI Cognitive Finance Institute

Bürgi, Elisabeth; Wehrli, Judith; Bucher, Daniela; Rist, Stephan; Giger, Markus; Espa, Ilaria; Franzi, Simone; Elsig, Manfred; Gelb, Stephen Roy; Holzgang, Milena; Dey, Pascal; Wettstein, Florian (2015). The Commodity Sector and Related Governance Challenges from a Sustainable Development Perspective: The Example of Switzerland: Current Research Gaps Bern & St. Gallen: CDE WTI IWE

Conference or Workshop Item

Duymedjian, Raffi; Dey, Pascal (8 July 2021). What do lies and deception have to do with it? Toward a phronetic foundation of entrepreneurial bricolage In: 37th EGOS Colloquium 2021. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands. July 8-10, 2021.

Nguyen, Hung Man; Dey, Pascal (5 July 2021). Improving reproductive health care by understanding spatial affiances: A multimodal inquiry of a Vietnamese social franchise. In: 38th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS). Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School. July 5-6, 2021.

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