Running performance during World Cup 2014 under different climatic conditions

Tschopp, Markus; Baumgartner, Dominik (2015). Running performance during World Cup 2014 under different climatic conditions (Unpublished). In: 8th World Congress on Science and Football 2015. Kopenhagen. 20.-23. Mai 2015.

The aim of the study was to analyze how running performance in the Soccer World Cup Brasil 2014 was influenced by the different climatic zones and by game performance. All data analyzed were published on Running performance of all 96 games during the group stage were measured with a video-based tracking system (SportVU, STATS, USA). Running performance was analyzed regarding climate conditions and game performance (game result, qualification for final round). Match locations were divided into 3 groups with 4 locations each according the degree of geographical latitude: North (0-10.0°), Middle (10.1-20.0°), South (>20.0°). Humidex for every game was calculated including temperature and relative humidity. Mean Humidex was significantly different between the 3 groups of locations (North: 36.9±1.6°, Middle: 31.1±4.0°, South: 23.7±6.6°). During games in the north players performed a significantly smaller number of sprints than in the middle (-8.6%) and southern part (-11.0%), less high intensity (> 14.0 km/h) distance (-7.9%, -10.9%), and less total distance (-3.4%, -3.9%). There was no difference in running performance between more and less successful teams. Running performance, especially high intensity running and sprinting were markedly reduced during games in the northern part of Brasil, where hot and humid conditions existed during the Soccer World Cup 2014 independently from general game performance.

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Tschopp, Markus and
Baumgartner, Dominik




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